Though the idea of AMDC is a community-owned drinking club, operating functions of AMDC such as event/activities organisation, marketing and communication, as well as arrangement of Monks' Choice production and delivery will need to be executed by someone. The founding team will take this role to manage AMDC operations.

After the 1st Minting Phase, a company will be set up on behalf of AMDC to handle AMDC’s operations and administration matters. Any cost or expenses for AMDC operations will NOT come from the treasury but these income sources:

  • 50% from NFT minting

  • 50% from NFT trading (royalty)

AMDC operation costs shall include:

  • Team’s remuneration

  • AMDC overall marketing and development costs

  • AMDC daily operation expenses etc.

Separating the treasury pool from AMDC operations will ensure the treasury is only used for Alkie Monks’ benefits and/or treasury growth.

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