MONK's CHOICE Procedures

  1. NFT holders automatically recognised as Alkie Monks on our website after connecting the wallet

  2. Alkie Monks to register on our website for available complimentary tasting events (before the deadline)

  3. Registered Alkie Monks to receive the tasting set by delivery (Online) / receive event confirmation for tasting function(s) (In-person)

  4. Online (or in-person) tasting event to take place (Due to COVID-19, tasting can only be arranged remotely through online. Once the situation changes, in-person tasting events will be organised where possible)

  5. Poll open to all registered Alkie Monks for a limited timeframe to decide which one from the tasting set becomes the Monks’ Choice.

  6. Selection with the most votes will be put in production*

  7. ERC-1155 tokens (DROPs) are distributed to Alkie Monks by airdrop for claiming the Monks’ Choice product in Monk's Cellar.

  8. Alkie Monks who make the redemption will receive the product in the label of their very own NFT, which is unique to each Alkie Monk.

  9. Non-Alkie Monks can purchase DROP in the secondary market from Alkie Monks and claim the product in Monk's Cellar with general AMDC labels.

*Production time varies, depending on products

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