Airdrop ERC-1155 NFT Token

DROP : Airdrop ERC-1155 NFT Token

Despite the exclusive products decided by the community from poll results, we understand that the results may not be able to please all Alkie Monks, in addition to other possible real-life restrictions and difficulties on product delivery such as international shipping , alcohol tax for imported alcohol etc. Therefore, Alkie Monks do not immediately collect the actual products. They receive ERC-1155 NFT tokens ("DROPs") from airdrop instead. Alkie Monks then can choose to:

  1. Claim the gift from AMDC Store (a.k.a. "Monk's Cellar") then ship it to your door, or

  2. “Hodl” the token for other future benefits, or

  3. Sell the token in the secondary market (e.g. Opensea)

DROPs, i.e. ERC-1155 NFT tokens, work just like digital vouchers, which can be used for product redemption in Monk's Cellar. These DROPs are transferable to both Alkie Monks and non-Alkie Monks.

Non-Alkie Monks, even though they are NOT holding the NFT, are still able to own AMDC exclusive products through purchasing DROPs from Alkie Monks. This secondary market helps make AMDC exclusive products open to the public in an early stage. It can also be a test of the demand of such products to decide whether extra production for the public market will be appropriate.

DROPs will only be supplied at a limited quantity each time based on the number of Alkie Monks, and the tokens will be burnt after product redemption in Monk's Cellar. In the event of high demand from the secondary market for DROPs and the products, DROPs' value will potentially increase. Selling DROPs for monetary return can be an optional benefit to holders. In such case, DROPs can be considered as dividends to Alkie Monks, which can be used to redeem products or sold to gain extra income.


Alkie Monk






Ethereum mainnet


Public/Private Mint?




AMDC Membership

Monk's Cellar Token

Distribution Method

  1. Minting

  2. Purchase from Secondary Market (Opensea)

  1. Airdrop to AMDC holders

  2. Purchase from Secondary Market (Opensea)

Holders' Eligibility of AMDC Exclusive Events and Products

Automatic for all events and products


Both treasury and AMDC operations rely on royalty income for growth. Secondary market trade of ERC-1155 tokens becomes an important source of income for AMDC’s development. While AMDC membership is limited, without giving up the AMDC membership, Alkie Monks will be able to earn additional income by trading DROPs in the secondary market. The sale may also help generate income to both treasury and AMDC operations.


Redeeming table wines from 'Sparkling Summer' (local store in Hong Kong)

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