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Alkie Monks Community

“Alkie Monks”

AMDC verified members a.k.a. “Alkie Monks” are the soul of AMDC. As alcohol lovers and drinkers, the founding team believes that knowledge is unlimited, same for drinking experience. Our knowledge, preference and experience cannot represent all. Instead of introducing and/or making recommendations from us, what is better than gathering all experienced alcohol lovers around the world to share their knowledge and experience on our platform and then bring the best ones to action so all Alkie Monks can taste it or even own it? Thanks to blockchain technology. Alcohol lovers are now able to gather without boundaries and build their own decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO) to make it happen.

Discord Channel

AMDC Discord is the main communication channel of the community. Verified NFT holders - “Alkie Monks”, who will have voting rights in the community and are eligible for participating in AMDC’s organised events. AMDC Discord server​