How to Get Whitelist?

There are several ways to get into whitelist:

Whitelist for Partners, Alcohol Lovers,Alcoholic Beverage Industry

  • Contact your YouTubers/KOLs who are active in the alcoholic beverage industry to approach us for whitelist giveaways

  • Those who are already working in the alcoholic beverage industry

  • Whitelist giveaway campaign collaborated with AMDC partners on media/social media

The above whitelist candidates can have early access and guaranteed spots for minting.

Whitelist for Public Activities:

To ensure the quality of AMDC’s community, minting priority is given to whitelist candidates. Public mint will NOT be available if the whitelist spots are all taken. However, the public can still join our whitelist by completing the tasks above.

1st Phase Whitelist Deadline: 20 April 2022 1st Phase Mint Price: 0.10 ETH

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